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Who We Are

We’re a close-knit team of financial professionals who provide lifetime financial guidance to individuals and families. We’re in the business of building relationships. It’s the foundation to our approach to managing your finances and it’s what makes us different from other firms.

The Cents & Sensibility® Difference

We’re Experienced

For over three decades, Sharon Almeida has been building meaningful relationships focused on confident collaboration. She knows that financial well-being is about much more than “just the numbers.” She’ll get to know what matters to you most and ensure your identity and life goals shape your plan.

We’re Independent

Our allegiance is to you. We don’t have quotas to meet or shareholders to appease. Our status as a fully independent firm gives us the freedom to use a variety of money managers and an extensive range of investment options to craft a custom solution for you.

We’re Connected

Life is busy. That’s why we offer a Personal Financial Portal to all of our clients. Your financial portal allows you to stay organized, monitor all your assets and loans, and collaborate with us via a secure document system so you know just where you are on your financial journey. Whether you prefer in person or virtual appointments, digital or paper signing and account processing, we can meet you at your comfort level.

To schedule a personal appointment, call 925-225-1135 or learn more about What We Do